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Grand Sumo Breakdown

Nov 23, 2019

The boys from Akaguma-beya are back from their time off after a thrilling playoff last basho. It's time for them to grit their teeth and train harder than ever if they want to get their feet in the door in Juryo. If you like this little side project of ours, send us feedback on social media or leave us a message at 805-613-SUMO (7866).

Theme music by David Hall via SoundCloud

This episode features:

  • Akaguma-oyakata 赤熊, the former dai-yokozuna and coach of Akaguma-beya
  • Kumanoyama 熊の山 (Ryan), an ambitious young upstart and former university star. A strong, no-nonsense bruiser of a rikishi
  • Kawa 川 (Mak), a mysterious orphan making a living however he can. He uses his speed and skill to dance around larger opponents
  • Goniku 剛肉 (Flyric), the hungry (literally) veteran hoping to turn over a new leaf after bating his stablemates in a playoff for the Makushita yusho last month