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Grand Sumo Breakdown

Aug 28, 2019

After Jake and Ryan get over an identity crisis. Ryan analyzes how the Aki banzuke shook out and how it compared to his banzuke prediction.

Theme music by David Hall via SoundCloud

Aug 16, 2019

In our latest statistics project, Jake introduces us to a new hypothetical wrestler: Namiyama. Namiyama technically does not exist, but is going to help us sound more intelligent as we analyze the kimarite patterns of specific wrestlers. Drop us a line with requests or suggestions at 805-613-SUMO (7866) or find us on...

Aug 2, 2019

Ryan tries to predict what the Aki banzuke will look like as Jake rudely tries to distract him by hacking up a lung for half the episode. Ryan also waffles harder than that one politician you don't like on most of his picks. Drop us a line at 805-613-SUMO (7866) or find us on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram/YouTube/your...