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Grand Sumo Breakdown

Feb 27, 2022

How much sumo can fit under one roof? 2021 US heavyweight champ Jose and World Games qualifier Yaleidy Galindo test the limits.

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Feb 23, 2022

As an excuse to revisit fun stories from the deep history of sumo (or at least the last few years), we introduce the Grand Sumo Breakdown Miscellaneous Hall of Fame or Whatever We Want. It's a working title, give us a break. We plan to continue the series soon, so send us your ideas for nominations!

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Feb 22, 2022

It's about time we had another Iowan on the show! Today we catch up with Ohayo Sumo's Jake Book about his start in sumo and his personal quest into the history of sumo here in America.

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Feb 7, 2022

We're joined by our rivals from Sumo & Sake to discuss the upcoming season to crown the Texas State Sumo champions of 2022. We laugh, we learn, we teach some fellow podcasters how it's really done. Keep an eye on the Lonestar Sumo Youtube channel for the Texas Classic on February 19th!

*Language warning because Justin...

Feb 2, 2022

This banzuke's a doozy. Between a huge pileup at the top and a huge gulf in the middle, there's only one tattooed celebrity who can bring us through this...

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